Cole Feuchter is an American voice actor whose work is mostly know in the BL/Yaoi scape. He has given his voice to projects such as Camp Buddy (Naoto Hamasaki/Archer Springfield), Full Service (Lenga Valentine), Dear Monster (Momo), The Divine Speaker (The Divine Speaker), and the virtual boyband, SINFUL, as Lau. 


He also have given his voice to Popup Dungeon (Shinobi Jiji, Chef, Mechanic, Inquisitor). He is fairly new but strong in the game, with his interest in also the YouTube verse, being a part of the Retrocade with Kiba Walker. He also teaches the Japanese language via virtual lessons on Unlocked, and is well-versed in the Japanese language/culture. 


If you need more info on Cole Feuchter, you can follow him on Twitter @LordAzriaVA.

Take part in a 1 to 1 video chat with Voice Actor Cole Feuchter! Includes Cole Signing an Autograph (Signed Character Image) and posting it out to you! Cole Feuchter i...
Cole Feuchter 1 to 1 Inc Signing
10 min

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