Elsie Lovelock is a British voice actor, singer and YouTuber who has been performing since the age of 16. With a career start in stage performing, she voices for an absolute plethora of different kinds of projects, from video games, animations, mobile games and commercials, as well as singing on the tracks of different albums and soundtracks from a wide range of artists. She has her own YouTube channel where she covers songs from Disney movies, Anime, Video Games, Cartoons and more, with a total view count of over 45 million. Most recently, she can be heard in Vivziepop's hugely popular original animated cartoon pilot, Hazbin Hotel, as the singing voice of its main character, Charlie. Some of her video game credits include Sigrid and Nuru in Wargroove, Sanders in PAYDAY: Crime War, Vellatrix and Roxxy in the dating sim Crush Crush, the vocalist of the theme song for the Nintendo Switch game Never Stop Sneakin', Marianne in The Letter, Sophie, Yeye and the singing voice for Penny in My Time At Portia, Maria in LORELAI, as well as many popular mobile games including Heroes Arena, Idle Heroes, Yokai Kitchen, and many many more (she seriously can't remember how many, it's a lot). Upcoming video games she will be voicing for include the protagonist Jennifer in the survival horror title Remothered: Broken Porcelain, and for adult dating sim lovers, she will be voicing Abia in the highly anticipated HuniePop 2. Notable animators and YouTubers she has worked with include Team Four Star, ScottFalco, Dan Bull, Vivziepop, Aphmau, ScrewAttack!, JelloApocalypse, SrPelo, SmashBits Animations, PopToonsTV, Mike Bettencourt, ToucanLDM, and many more. If you're a Pokemon fan and active on Twitter, you may have heard her as the unofficial voice of the meme, the “Scottish Pokemon Trainer”. Additionally, she also narrates lots of videos for the YouTube channels Looper, Mashed, Nicki Swift, The List, and more. On television, she was a contestant as a singer on Britain's Got Talent (ITV) and All Together Now (BBC).

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