Jessica Straus is a voice over artist working in Los Angeles, CA with many years of experience in games, animation, ADR, narration, toys and more! She is best known for her work in popular games such as “Street Fighter IV & V” (Juri Han); “Fallout 4” (Supervisor White); “Dishonored 2” (Dr. Hypatia); “Heroes of the Storm” (Cassia/Amazon); “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

(Blood-Queen Lana'thel & misc.); “Danganronpa Another Episode” (Hiroko Hagakure); “Tales of Xillia I & II” (Muset), “Darksiders I & II” (Lilith), “Infamous” (Sasha) and over 100+interactive game titles.


Additionally, she began her VO career doing dubbing in Anime, and has cast in shows such as: “Accel World : Infinite Burst” (Purple Thorn); “Little Witch Academia” (Daryl Cavendish); “Persona 4” Animation & game (Saki, Hanako), “Eureka Seven” (Gidget); ”Ikki Tousen Season 4” (Moukaku), “Code Geass R2” (Little Empress, Xiang-lin), “Wolf’s Rain” (Blue) and “FLCL” (Junko Miyaji & Secretary) to name a few. 


Fans both young and old, can also hear her voice in animated films and series such as “The Snow Queen” (Gerda); “Leap Frog DVDs” (Tad) and “Kioka” (Beep & Boop), and with new projects currently under “NDA” to be announced in the future. So, stay tuned…


In her spare time, Jessica enjoys singing, writing (1st book), swimming in the ocean, yoga, meditation and playing with her two beautiful, funny cats, Piper & Lyra.

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