Veteran actor Jill Frappier was born in England and in 1967  was chosen as one of the 20 bilingual hostesses for the British Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. She met her first husband Roger Frappier in the pavilion and decided to emigrate to Canada. She lived in Montreal for ten years working in English and French.


For the last 50 years , she has acted on stages across Canada including SHAW and STRATFORD Festivals. Jill has appeared in around 100 plays. Most of her roles were comic, sometimes unwittingly! She particularly enjoyed playing John Neville’s wife Sybil in PRIVATE LIVES and Dottie in NOISES OFFSome of the many TV shows she has appeared in may come to England. They 
Include: Murdoch Mysteries, Frankie Drake, Titans, Killjoys, Night Heat, Street Legal etc.

She has recently been shooting 2 new TV seriesNORTHERN RESCUE with William Baldwin and HUDSON AND REX. She played Charlie Hudson’s aunt. One of her favorite screen husbands was Christopher Plummer in the TV mini series SPEARFIELD’S DAUGHTER Favorite movie characters include Countess Paulina in STRAUSS MASTER of ¾ TIME: and Gertrude in STRANGE BREW.


Jill’s first movie role in Canada was in French

She has been featured in many radio dramas and provided the voice of cartoon creatures like Keroppi in KEROPPIi, Mrs Pryseyllius in PIPPI LONGSTOCKING, Little Mo in  ANIMAL SHELF and most famously Luna,  the black  cat  in  SAILOR MOON

Recently she played Mary Anne Disraeli in the video game ASSASSINS’ CREED: Syndicate and enjoyed doing her first “mo cap” (motion capture).

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