Lindsay Sheppard has been a voice actress for nearly 20 years working all sides of the voiceover industry, from anime and games to commercials and narration and even working side by side with her husband to run The Sheppard Agency, a national voiceover talent agency.  


Throughout her career, she has voiced over a hundred characters and thousands of commercials and narrations for companies like Disney, Nintendo, Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Hooters and more.  

In the anime and gaming worlds she is ecstatic to be joining the cast of RWBY as Saphron Cotta-Arc.  Some other favorite characters have included reigning Kalos Queen, Aria, in the long running anime series, Pokemon; as well as the lovable halfling bard, companion/narrator Linzi in the epic CRPG game Pathfinder: Kingmaker.  


Other notable roles include Agent Caila Phoenix in LEGO Ultra Agents, Aardwolf in Kemono Friends, Jimmy Amy & The Lux 5000 in Awesomenauts, Amaterasu/Innocent Princess Prim/Queen Magnus the Black/Onion Patch/all 3 Raven Vampires in Shadowverse, Barrage/Mistress of Arms in Heroes of Newerth, Sandbot/Kidbot in Vacation Simulator, Shita in B’t X Neo and various zombies in Zombie Panic Source Contagion.  


Voicing creatures and critters is one of her passions! 

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