Lisa is a Norwegian/American actress, singer and voice over artist, who moved over to the UK in 1997 to be a founding student at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, or as it’s popularly known, “the Paul McCartney school”.


She’s best known for her role as Trine/the Solitract in Doctor Who “It Takes You Away” (or as it’s also known, “The one with the frog”), as the speaking and singing voice of Norwegian Elsa in Disney’s Frozen movies, as Jodee Tressky in Jonathan Creek “Satan’s Chimney”, as the original Sophie in Mamma Mia globally, in a role which was her professional debut. She’s had multiple roles in film and tv, dubbing, audio books, musical theatre and commercials, and she works wherever her job takes her.


She was nominated for Best Actress in her role as Genevieve in the musical The Baker’s wife at the Union Theatre in the Off West End Awards and has competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in Norway with the song “With Love”, and so much more. Every Friday on her Instagram account @lisastokkeofficial she runs a story with #AskLisa , where fans can ask questions that she answers and she gives her fans a shout out, and you’re invited to take part too!

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