Lisle Wilkerson is a voice actress based in Los Angeles, but lived most of her life (30 years!!!) in Tokyo, Japan.

She is unique in that she has been doing voice acting in both English AND Japanese.

So as a guest, she represents for both the world of voice acting in Japan & US, and also for Japanese culture as well.


She is probably best known for my work as Nina Williams and Christie Monteiro in the Tekken/Streetfighter x Tekken franchise, as well as for being the voice of Sarah Bryant from Virtualize Fighter/DOA.

She has been doing voices for video games since the mid-90’s, so she also can be found in such classics as Crazy Taxi, Rumble Roses, Gitaroo Man, Baten Kaitos.

She can also be found in the fan-favorite video game Shenmue (Xiuying Hong, Joy, Yuan), which recently made international headlines with the kickstarter for Shenmue 3.  

As a lifelong Hello Kitty fan, Lisle was also ecstatic when she got the opportunity to do the voice for Bad Badtz Maru for a big project for Sanrio.


Lisle has recently won an award for her voice acting (in Japanese) for the awardwinning short film, “Team Teenettes”. 

And she is also in the upcoming video game, “Red Dead Redemption II”.

Lisle also has done quite a bit of dubbing for live action, including the Ultraman franchise, where she plays Ultraman Mother.
And as an actress, she had a principal role in the  Academy Award winning film "Lost in Translation”, as well as a major role in the award-winning French Canadian/NHK produced film, “Kamataki”.

Lisle also does panel moderating and interpreting for many of the big Japanese industry/seiyuu guests, such as Aquous, Makoto Shinkai, Toshio Furukawa (Dragon Ball Z & One Piece)  & Masako Nozawa (Dragon Ball Z), Junko Takeuchi (Naruto), Toru Furuya, Ai Maeda, Shinji Ishikawa (illustrator of Godzilla), President of AniPlex, Ambassador of Kawaii, Kimura Yu, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Mika Kobayashi, etc.

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