Richard Oldfield is an American actor who moved to the UK in the 60’s and is best known for his role of Hobbie Rogue 4 in 'Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.' His scene with Carrie Fisher which he utters that now infamous line “Two Fighters against a Star Destroyer?” along with his flying sequences as Luke Skywalker's wing man  have become part of the iconic Star Wars legend. He appeared in many film, stage and television roles over the years.

His UK acting debut was in the musical 'HAIR!' in 1969. This was followed by numerous TV and film roles including the popular 1970’s TV series ‘Yanks Go Home.’ Throughout  his career, Richard has appeared in over 20 stage productions in the UK most notably his lead in’ Kennedy’s Children’ which was a fringe theatre hit which transferred to the West End and subsequently to Broadway. His performance won him a nomination for best performance by a male actor in The Evening Standard Theatre Critics Awards in 1985. He went on to do more TV and Film roles including ‘Superman 1, ‘Rag Time’, ‘Life Force’,  ‘Omen 3’,’The Lords of Discipline’, ‘The Razors Edge’,  'The Martian Chronicles,' 'Blake’s 7,' 'Space 1999,' as well as many other UK and US television and film appearances. Richard lives and works in the US and UK.

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