For over thirty years Ron Rubin has been one of the busiest animation actors in North America. He has voiced dozens of iconic cartoon characters on countless popular animation series - from Marvel Comics and Warner Brothers to Disney and Anime. Ron worked with Stan Lee on the original X-Men (Morph) and Avengers (Vision) animated television series, as well as with Tim Burton on the Emmy Award winning Beetlejuice cartoon (Doom Buggy, Announcer).


Other credits include lead roles in C.O.P.S. (Dr. Badvibes), Police Academy (Lt. Mahoney), DiGata Defenders (Flinch), Angela Anaconda (Uncle Nicky), SideKick (Master XOX), Turbo Dogs (Sergeant Gruff), Stickin’ Around (Mr. Lederhosen), Captain Flamingo (Quantum Vigilante), Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Kratt’s Creatures (Ttark) and Care Bears (Messy Bear).


Ron’s also been a force in the world of Anime, appearing in a multitude of shows including Bakugan and Beyblade among many others, but he’s probably best known for originating the voice of Artemis, a role he performed for the entire run of the original North American english dub of Sailor Moon.


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