Raised by bohemian wolves in NY who allowed me to play with every ounce of curiosity & ferocity, my obsession with film, storytelling, painting, music & performance as a whole became all consuming before I remember being able to walk. My adolesence was spent digging up dinosaur bones, epic space battles & endless hours of movies & video games... for proper balance. By the time I scrappily found my way around a guitar at 12 the next fifteen + years would be the theater & band life. Recording studios became playgrounds, Tour vans became second homes & Stages a platform of communication.


My new extended family was a similar pack of scrappy wolves along for the mad, mad ride into the great unknown. In 2015 we scrappy wolves found our way to Los Angeles & fought the good fight. In the strange turn of events life tends to bring us all, each of us found new, stronger opportunities pulling our time & energy further away from each other. And so, we broke up the band, to save the family. I've been incredibly fortunate & grateful to have quickly found a career soon after in Acting, most specifically Voice Acting. Thanks to the extraordinary community of actors, directors, producers, engineers, developers, casting directors & more who have given me a chance to have a voice. Lets do this ♥

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