7 Star Event Booking - Virtual Comic Con Experiences Terms and Conditions:


1 to 1 Booking Information:

Once we receive your email we will endeavour to respond within 24 Hours to agree on a day/time for the 1 to 1 once we have spoken with the Actor in question. Once This is agreed a payment request will be emailed to you via paypal. Once payed your booking will be confirmed.

Any Last minute Bookings (Booked less than 24 hours before 1to1) cannot be guaranteed due to availability. It is advised you make a booking on a slot that is more than 24 hours from time of booking to minimise the chance that a Client cannot make it.

Client Availability may change due to other work commitments.


In the circumstance where the client is unable to participate in a booked 1 to 1 session then we will offer to reschedule to a new time, if you cannot attend another time then the full payment will be refunded.

Please allow for a 15 minute buffer from booking time to start of 1to1 (to allow client to connect/incase of internet/tech issues).


Booking is Per Person.


Postage could be from anywhere in the world and given the current circumstances they may take a couple weeks to arrive. Please be patient.

If you are unable to make your booked slot please let us know ASAP. We are happy to try and reschedule for you but if you do not attend then you will forfeit your booking/signing.

Booking Slots are Listed in UK GMT time. You can convert them to local time frames upon booking but please ensure you are there at the correct GMT time. If you are unsure then please contact us before the start of the chat.

Unauthorised Recording of the 1to1's video are not allowed, this includes using third party software or off camera. Copyright of the 1to1 footage is under the ownership of 7 star event booking. Chats are not recorded automatically and permission would be asked in the event that it was. 

This is a 1to1 chat platform between Actors and Fans. Please be respectful and do not demand character readings etc. If you would like a personalised video/audio message then please purchase them separately.

The 1 to 1 sessions usually last 5 minutes but they may end up being shorter/longer.

7 Star Event Booking May record the 1 to 1 to use for promotional use in future.

Please treat the Actors with respect on the 1 to 1, if for some reason you are rude or offensive the Actors have every right to remove you from the chat/end the chat at any time and you will waive your rights to a refund.

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